Sharing the Best Moment

For certain reason, I had been working for 7 days. At the beginning, I was fine, because for me a busy day is the best. Now that I realized I was wrong. It is good to be busy, but I guess I should have a balanced life too which leads bringing me my kind of happiness. When I did my 7 days working, I felt myself just going through my days without even be at each moment in my life. I did not have time for other things, except work, eat, and sleep (#ohnooineedabreak).

I guess a break is necessary 🙂 Even with 2 days break I could utilise it to have the quality days my girls.  I remembered the place which was chosen for our weekend gateway was Waiheke Island.  As usual, I had already planned the tour itinerary for 1 full-day in Waiheke Island, but it did not work as it should be. First major mistake, I did not bring my car because I thought everything is going to be fine since we are just on an island (#doresearchbeforeyoutravel) Yes, it is an island, but it is a big island. It does not mean that you can explore the island without your own car. There are many choices of transportation, such as public bus, taxi, hop-on-hop-off bus, and bicycle. There are also varieties of car rentals (#yeayyiamsurvived). The main issue by using the public bus, especially in the weekend the bus will not come that often. I thought the distances from one vineyard to other vineyards are within walking distance. Yes, you can definitely walk, but I would not recommend, especially if you just have limited time there. Another thing that I and my friends forgot was our passports (#preparationisessential). All the vineyards in New Zealand require our original passport to be shown up. I just remembered that we also bought the discounted ferry pass, so our ferry schedule was a fixed time schedule. We really needed to leave the island with 3pm ferry (#discountdoesnotalwaysbringssatisfaction).

Let’s just leave all the unexpected things that challenge the trip. The fact that this island is one of the must visit islands in New Zealand. For those who love / interested in / curious about wine, this is your island to be visited. There are many magnificent and boutique vineyards, café, shops, and other tourist attractions. We managed to visit several places such as Ostend Saturday which is not as recommended as Matakana Farmer’s Market. We also had lunch at Wild on Waiheke. Afterward, we continued our journey to Stonyridge Vineyard and Waiheke Museum and Historical Village. Stonyridge Vineyard is really classic and vintage vineyard. Unfortunately, we could not do wine tasting there without our passport. The museum was interesting and vintage. The 2 host volunteers in the museum were really friendly and informative.  Not only them, but most of the locals are friendly here in New Zealand. They are really welcomed for questions from the tourists.

Even though there were not a lot of places I visited during that time, but I have my moments with my friends. This experience also taught me another thing from tourism. Travelling is not only about how many places which I have visited, but it also about the experiences/moments which I can feel and enjoy which leads me to the unforgettable experiences. Also, that is why there is always a reason for me to come back because, with the same places, the experiences can be different in each of every visitation.

See you soon my favorite island!

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My Duo Morning Vitamin (Devonport & One Tree Hill)

07:00a.m: Breakfast at the hotel / breakfast box.

08:00a.m: Depart to…

Bored with this typical tour itinerary for your breakfast? Try something different then! As life’s full of choices, your tour itinerary shouldn’t be that boring too. How about having breakfast with sightseeing in a historic seaside village? Taking a ferry across the sea to another place called as Devonport? Sounds good? Let’s sail the sea! 🙂

Morning is a very important time in my daily life. A new beginning of my day, the time for me to be thankful for everything that I have and yet to come 🙂 For me, morning is the perfect time for me to freshen up my soul, body, and mind. I used to have my busy morning, but I realised I did not enjoy it at all. I am surprised that even during the traveling time, it seems all of our mornings will be all arranged according to the tight tour itinerary. Yes, we do have limited period of time when we travel, but if we cannot enjoy every single moment in each destination that we visit, I guess I am better not traveling then 🙂

If that kind of morning your tour itinerary has been arranged, why don’t you try something new?

That is also why I love to include Devonport and even One Tree Hill as my morning vitamin destination in my tour itinerary.  The journey was started by taking the ferry from Auckland to Devonport.  My favorite moment was when I sat on the balcony deck. Let the wind blows my hair, amazed by the blue sky and sea and feeling the moments are all mine.  It just took approximately 20 minutes to Devonport. Once I arrived in the port, I simply went to the tourist information centre to confirm my own planned itinerary. I always ask them first before I start to run my schedule to all destinations. Most of the time, I will re-plan it, because I have gotten more recommendations from them. Trust the locals!! 🙂

There are many ways to explore Devonport. I can choose to rent a bike (sounds great ^^) or Segway and even with a minivan. But at that time I chose to walk. I enjoyed my morning by having breakfast in the local café. There are many choices of vintage café, shops, and tourist attractions. I love to explore each of place by walking, maybe except for the Mount Victoria.  I guess I need a bike to take to the top of the mountain. But for you who love hiking, this is perfect!! My highlight from Devonport was my lovely breakfast in a beautiful vintage café, walking along the beach, visiting all the historical places, tasting my favorite Devonport local chocolate and absolutely capturing every single moment (selfie time ^^).

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Another of my favorite morning spot will be One Tree Hill. It took me only 15 minutes from the place where I stay “Onehunga” (this is why I love this area ^^).  I guess this is also one of the most visited places in Auckland.  A peaceful feeling came into my mind and left all of my busy thoughts behind. I had my own moment to unite with nature. This is so amazing feeling!!  I went to the top part of the hill where the obelisk located. I could see the overall view of Auckland. What a beautiful day! For me, it is not just a nice place to be the background of my photo, but it is a place to sense the feeling of appreciation, gratitude, and get more inspirations on how I run my life to be better 🙂 For sure, it’s worth it to be visited.

Lastly, I just wanted to share to get those experiences within a day, I did not spend much money.  One Tree Hill is definitely free entrance. For Devonport, I just spent for my ferry ticket, meals, shopping which was less than NZD100. Mostly the entrance fees for the tourist attractions are free of charge.

Devonport & One Tree Hill for this weekend? Let’s get ready!

That’s how I have my quality time and experiences in Devonport and One Tree Hill. How about you?

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Oh, Onehunga..

Something Old, Something New

To be honest, Auckland is not my preferred city to live in. Nothing against Auckland, but just like most of the migrants, try to avoid Auckland to get more points for their visa. Even, when I was in Wellington, my life puzzle has been almost completed. Well, here I am in the busiest city in New Zealand.  Starting everything from all over again, but I guess there are purposes for me to be in Auckland 🙂

I AM BLESSED. That is the statement that can describe my life in the beginning of 2017. That is how I view my life. The 1st week in Auckland, I was doubt myself that I made the right decision. Now I can see my puzzle has started to be completed one by one. I got my very first full-time job at the right time. Not only that, I was placed in an area which is likely my preference for places to stay. It is called as Onehunga.

This place has become my very first special area in Auckland.  It is not just because of the flat and the cool flatmates who I am currently living with, but I just like the overall environment. If I can choose to live, I always have a dream to stay in an area which is surrounded by both old and modern buildings as well as coffee shops. “Something Old, Something New” that is really a perfect tagline to describe this area. There are combination old and new buildings in Onehunga.  Plenty choices of coffee shops which just make my day even happier (little things that matter).  Shops, restaurants, shopping centre, sports centre, bus & train station are just within my walking distance. In my opinion, it is like a city in a city.  Moreover, there is always a street singer who will sing to cheer my day. J’adore ma petite ville!!

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“Sometimes is good for a change. Don’t be afraid to make a change in your life even if it will make you need to start it from 0. There’s always a reason for a change. A reason to make yourself as a better person.”

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Now It’s My Comfort Traveling Style

When I travel, I always put myself as the same as the locals. I really want to get the complete voice, not just the echo. That’s why I always set in mind to “Travel with A Purpose”. The purpose of learning/explores and experiences the differences between my home country, Indonesia and the places which I have visited. Most of the time, it takes me out of my comfort zone, but that is the interesting part of my journey.  It keeps me growing and learning to become a better person. In my perspective, travel is not just a trend that I should follow. It is more a way to express myself, get more life inspirations, meet new friends, and life changing experience.

I just would like to share one my life changing experience in Wellington. To be honest, if I just follow the tour programme for the places of interest in Wellington, I will definitely be bored and not feeling want to come back for next time. I am not saying that the tour programme is bad, but well it just does not fulfill my curiosity. Even though I love to explore, but I do like to travel in comfort. I mean with “travel in comfort” is I like to get in / get off the car/taxi/tour bus. I do not like spend time on the road and get sweating that much. I get used to that kind of traveling style till I visit New Zealand, especially Wellington where I am currently living now.

As I ever mentioned in the previous blog, Wellington is a small city and chic. I have observed how most of the people travel around Wellington. The most convenient must be with own car, but you also need to remember that it is difficult to find a car park and expensive. It is not like in Indonesia where we can park our cars anywhere and it is so cheap. There are 3 main ways that I love to recommend for all of you who want to travel around Wellington which is by public bus, train and on foot. At first, I just thought it is impossible for me to love those three ways of getting around Wellington, but now I can say that is my “travel in comfort” style. I like it because it allows me to explore and see more. It is cheap and flexible.

By Bus 

Back in my home country, this is one of the public transport which I try to avoid it 🙂 Now in Wellington it’s my daily transportation. The bus in here is comfortable, clean, and safe. It’s easy to be familiar with the routes and numbers. One thing that I like the most by taking the bus is to say THANK YOU to the bus driver. I believe it is a simple word which means a lot to the bus drivers. I just realise that it does really matter to appreciate little things in my life.


By Train

I never try to take the train in my home country. I guess it was only once I took the train during my high school camp activity. It’s convenient to travel by train in Wellington. It is even more exciting if you take the train for the long trip.


On Foot

I can say I am a person who does not like to walk too far. I love wearing heels which are also my daily essential. At the beginning month of my study in Wellington, I thought I would not survive here. I need to wear flat/sport shoes everyday. Now, I get used to it and love my walking moments. The things that I love from walking around Wellington are the wind (not that strong wind though) which blows my mind. It seems I get my fresh air and more inspirations. Most of the time, I will have the chance to meet and talk with the strangers 🙂 The smell of coffee and the talented street artists will just make my day. Last but not leats, the magnificent views which you can’t really get it if you do not walk around 🙂


Let the world constantly inspires me and you to be a better human being 🙂 Let’s travel with a purpose, create your own stories, and go out from your comfort zone!!

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Vintage Mood in Wellington

Let’s Explore Wellington & Design Your Own Stories!

I believe each city, region, suburb or even the smallest area has its own story, the stories that create the unforgettable moment. Happy or disappointed story is just based on how we react to our daily life. We are the one who decides our feelings that will influence our story of the day. I realize sometimes it’s hard for me to motivate myself to be happy, but I realize there is nothing that I cannot thankful for in my life. The fact, I am living in a city that inspires me everyday by its landscape, people, arts, cuisines, activities, and others.

Wellington has a lot of stories that just make this city so awesome. We might not realize it from the travel brochure/magazine/any promotional material from the tour organizer. Even, most of the time it is not included in the tour package.  Yes, it is totally different between Wellington and Queenstown (touristic place in New Zealand). Both of the cities have their own charisma. I believe that we travel to another cities/countries, not just for the purpose of moving from one destination to other destinations. Our traveling memories will be more meaningful when we visit the cities and we actually experience the local enchantment.  Our story will be more authentic and personal.

Well, La La Land vibe and valentine’s mood is still happening. It just like activates my vintage feeling. For me, Wellington is one of the artistic destinations in New Zealand. There are several spots in Wellington which are my preferences for my vintage mood.

Louis Sergeant (146 Featherston St, Wellington 6011)

My choice for afternoon tea while reading “Me Before You” by Jojo Moyes 🙂 Their patisseries, A MUST TRY!

La Cloche (117/109 Featherston St, Wellington, 6011)

I love its ambience and minimalist theme. Their patisseries and coffee are highly recommended! Sitting there, listening to jazz music while having a pan au chocolat and a cup of coffee sounds a perfect plan!

Café Breton (20 Brandon St, Wellington, 6011)


The authentic crepes is so tasty! One is never enough! 🙂

Bordeaux Bakery (220 Thorndon Quay, Pipitea, Wellington 6011)

My one and only breakfast choice 🙂 Lots of bakery choices, make you always want to stay there longer.

Fragrifert Perfumery (Top of Cable Car, Wellington)

A new place which I have discovered recently. It is small and vintage perfumery which has a lot of choices of original perfume.  You’ll be welcomed by a friendly owner and lots of samples to smell. My favorite is Lily of the Valle, what’s yours?

Schoc Chocolate (31 Waring Taylor St, Wellington, 6011)

A homemade chocolate shop which just makes my day. From dark to white chocolate, fruity to milk chocolate are available in this chocolate house. One of my favourite will be rose milk. Visit Schoc and pick your best taste of chocolates!

Scent Floral Boutique (45 Johnston St, Wellington, 6011)


When I travel, I enjoy myself walking around the area. Let the view surprises me with its beauty and magnificent sense. I never know this floral boutique exists before. It’s pretty, fragrant and colorful.  I am a girl who loves flowers, but I do like this florist shop. It just complete the overall my vintage story in Wellington 🙂

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#Everyday is a Holiday



everyday is a holidayThis statement is actually based on my experience during my study in Wellington. Here, the balance life is really appreciated. That is also why there are plenty of activities & places to be visited everyday. I believe that life should not be monotone, are you with me? It is also applied when you visit New Zealand. It is not just Auckland which has the specialities. I may say that Wellington is not a boring a capital city, it always has something for you to be explored. So, what are waiting for ?

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A friend who I haven’t met


“A stranger is just a friend, I haven’t met yet” ~ Will Rogers

This quote reminds me of several friends who I met during my trip to Auckland. It was just accidentally meeting when we were in the same boat on our way to Devonport.I was sitting by myself and ready with my camera to take photos. Suddenly there was someone sitting next to me and I just said “Hello” to her. As what the quotes above said, I believe I will not only encounter new experiences in all my solo journey, but also there will be many strangers who become my new friends, more than that, my worldwide family.


She was one of the people from the Thailand group tour who was in the same boat with me. We ended up to have a short conversation while the wind kept blowing our hair, took some photos and even she gave her name card. Such an unpredictable moment! Bu then, that is not the most important part. I just realize that being a solo traveller does not mean you are totally “alone”. It is one of the opportunity to let you go out from your small world and experience your bigger world with the people who are really incredible and have the great influence to make your life even better.


So friends, do not be afraid to go for solo travel / be in a new group tour. Leave all your assumptions behind at your home, set the goals that you’ll come back with new experiences and friends 🙂

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I do travel like a LOCAL :)


For Indonesians, perhaps New Zealand is not our favorite destination as like South Korea. There are a lot of us have thoughts that this country only has natural places which are nice but boring at the same time.  Not only that, we need to spend more money to New Zealand which with the same amount of money we can go to Europe / other countries. Am I right? J There is nothing much that we can do here, except enjoying its magnificent views.

I have the same thoughts as well at the beginning of my arrival in this peaceful country. But this statement “travel like a local and customize your own experiences” inspired me to think out of the box. I just thought that actually I can have different experiences. The fact, this country has various kinds of amazing destinations and attractions which welcome everyone to have their own memories.

That is why I decided to visit different kind places which are recommended by the locals (they are the expert of their home country 🙂 . The public transportations here are also quite comfortable for me to travel around  regions in New Zealand. So guys, sorry to say New Zealand is not that boring as long as we are a little bit creative in arranging our trip 🙂


Pre-Departure Syndrome

When it left several weeks to go out from my comfort zone, it will be the hardest moment in my life. There were so many plans which I had prepared before my departure to a whole new world and of course a new life in Wellington, NZ. Basically they were all about things that most probably I cannot do in NZ. Meeting up with friends, having my favourite Indonesian cuisines, spending time with family and so on. All of them are fine to be done, till I realize that it somehow makes me not focus on my goals of going abroad. I start to think that I am able to get everything here and be with all my beloved people, then why should I move to a new country? at the same time it means that I need to start all over again from zero level.

Sometimes, this kind of feeling put me into down situation which also stop me to motivate myself. But thank’s God that I am still blessed being surrounded by people who always support me. They are all my family and friends who will always encourage me to achieve all my dreams. I try my best to put aside the thoughts of being nice in my comfort zone with them. I set myself to make them as my motivation to be a better person as what they believe in me. I can say that I am lucky to have them with me. I wish that all of you should be thankful and appreciate all people surrounded you. Believe it or not they have powers to make you GO FURTHER.

Some of my buddies 🙂