Sharing the Best Moment

For certain reason, I had been working for 7 days. At the beginning, I was fine, because for me a busy day is the best. Now that I realized I was wrong. It is good to be busy, but I guess I should have a balanced life too which leads bringing me my kind of happiness. When I did my 7 days working, I felt myself just going through my days without even be at each moment in my life. I did not have time for other things, except work, eat, and sleep (#ohnooineedabreak).

I guess a break is necessary 🙂 Even with 2 days break I could utilise it to have the quality days my girls.  I remembered the place which was chosen for our weekend gateway was Waiheke Island.  As usual, I had already planned the tour itinerary for 1 full-day in Waiheke Island, but it did not work as it should be. First major mistake, I did not bring my car because I thought everything is going to be fine since we are just on an island (#doresearchbeforeyoutravel) Yes, it is an island, but it is a big island. It does not mean that you can explore the island without your own car. There are many choices of transportation, such as public bus, taxi, hop-on-hop-off bus, and bicycle. There are also varieties of car rentals (#yeayyiamsurvived). The main issue by using the public bus, especially in the weekend the bus will not come that often. I thought the distances from one vineyard to other vineyards are within walking distance. Yes, you can definitely walk, but I would not recommend, especially if you just have limited time there. Another thing that I and my friends forgot was our passports (#preparationisessential). All the vineyards in New Zealand require our original passport to be shown up. I just remembered that we also bought the discounted ferry pass, so our ferry schedule was a fixed time schedule. We really needed to leave the island with 3pm ferry (#discountdoesnotalwaysbringssatisfaction).

Let’s just leave all the unexpected things that challenge the trip. The fact that this island is one of the must visit islands in New Zealand. For those who love / interested in / curious about wine, this is your island to be visited. There are many magnificent and boutique vineyards, café, shops, and other tourist attractions. We managed to visit several places such as Ostend Saturday which is not as recommended as Matakana Farmer’s Market. We also had lunch at Wild on Waiheke. Afterward, we continued our journey to Stonyridge Vineyard and Waiheke Museum and Historical Village. Stonyridge Vineyard is really classic and vintage vineyard. Unfortunately, we could not do wine tasting there without our passport. The museum was interesting and vintage. The 2 host volunteers in the museum were really friendly and informative.  Not only them, but most of the locals are friendly here in New Zealand. They are really welcomed for questions from the tourists.

Even though there were not a lot of places I visited during that time, but I have my moments with my friends. This experience also taught me another thing from tourism. Travelling is not only about how many places which I have visited, but it also about the experiences/moments which I can feel and enjoy which leads me to the unforgettable experiences. Also, that is why there is always a reason for me to come back because, with the same places, the experiences can be different in each of every visitation.

See you soon my favorite island!

Let’s explore New Zealand with a twist!


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