Once is Never Enough

My small dreams come true. This is a statement that can describe how happy was I when I visited these places here in New Zealand.  It is just simply because of my dream to visit a winery, local vintage market, and farming during my stay in New Zealand.  In my life, I just saw these places only on TV or when I travel abroad. I can’t visit it as often as I wish. But now those places are not taking that much distance from my place.  It’s amazing!!

I even had already done my reading and research about Matakana since last year when I just visited Auckland only for several days. But I just got a chance to visit it early in June 2017. This part which I love the most when I don’t have any idea what kind of market/farm/winery would I visit but I dare to give it a go. Wohooo!! Challenge accepted!

Why are these places special to me?

In my perspective, Matakana is like the hub which connects me to all different tourists attractions. So, it is not only about a market, but when you keep discovering it further, there are plenty of destinations surround you. That’s why 1 half day tour was not enough for me. For sure, there will be another visitation soon. Yeayy!! ^^

Matakana Farmer’s Market

This market only opens every Saturday. So, don’t miss it out! I was not a person who likes to go to a market, but I could not say no for this local market. I believe this is also a market which is going to be my mom’s favorite as she is a market lover 🙂 It is a vintage market, full of local products are ready to make my day. Cheese, milk, jam, chocolate, honey, fruits and other products are going to make you be confused to choose. There are also many choices of breakfast which are tasted really good. The warm smiles from the sellers and the surround ambiance just made me wanted to stay there longer (#littlethingsthatmatter) It only opens till 1 pm, so if you are planning to visit it I would love to suggest getting up early and reviving your weekend 🙂

Vineyard – Hyperion Wines

This is not just one of the best vineyard in Matakana Area. For me, the winery experience had already started when I entered its gate. It felt like I went to my own castle (#vintagefeeling). It was a wide and large vineyard.  I was so happy because I could meet the owner of the Hyperion Wines. He is a humble and friendly man. I even did the wine tasting with him for free. His wines are more to French style wines. You won’t see modern and elegant building with his vineyard. His place is a totally authentic vineyard, old and vintage. LOVE IT!! He even has his own accommodation for people who want to stay over. I did not have a chance to see it at that time, but this is a good sign for me to come back ^^ In overall this vineyard is definitely worth to be visited.


Sheep World

Finally a year in New Zealand, I placed my footprint in one of the farms here. Wohoo!! Could not imagine how happy was I J:) I believe this is just the first farm; there will be more upcoming visitations to other farms. I was actually almost late for the shows which were at 2pm. There are 2 shows each day at 11am and 2pm. Well, I made it with 10mins late, but that was alright 🙂 It was dog and sheep show. It was informative and attractive. The presenter actually did a great job. He explained the information clearly. Now that I know, the reason for wool materials is so crazy expensive.  He showed how the dogs have been trained to be his assistants ( Cool!! ) Even he performed how he shaved the sheep. I realised it is not an easy job ever.  Before the end of the show, the performer allowed me and other tourists to help the sheep drink its milk. This place is not only about the show, but there are other attractions can be explored.  After the shows finished, I walked around the farm to see other animals. Yeayy!! Finally, I got a chance to see the alpacas. They are so cute 🙂 Don’t miss to see them when you visit Sheep World. I also spent my time in the wonderful wool section area to get more information how raw wool has been transformed into high-quality fashion.  There is also a souvenir shop, café, eco-discovery trail, and adventure terrain and picnic area that you can explore there. It cost me NZD34.50 to explore all those things I have mentioned above.  In overall, I had my quality time with the sheep 🙂

I would definitely recommend those places / Matakana area and surround to be visited.  I had taken a lesson from the locals how to appreciate what God has already provided us with everything that we need to survive. It is just the matter how we appreciate and utilize it with care. It will not just benefit individual person but also other people.

I’ll come back. See you very soon Matakana 🙂

Note: For the requested tour itinerary, let’s get connected!!


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