My Duo Morning Vitamin (Devonport & One Tree Hill)

07:00a.m: Breakfast at the hotel / breakfast box.

08:00a.m: Depart to…

Bored with this typical tour itinerary for your breakfast? Try something different then! As life’s full of choices, your tour itinerary shouldn’t be that boring too. How about having breakfast with sightseeing in a historic seaside village? Taking a ferry across the sea to another place called as Devonport? Sounds good? Let’s sail the sea! 🙂

Morning is a very important time in my daily life. A new beginning of my day, the time for me to be thankful for everything that I have and yet to come 🙂 For me, morning is the perfect time for me to freshen up my soul, body, and mind. I used to have my busy morning, but I realised I did not enjoy it at all. I am surprised that even during the traveling time, it seems all of our mornings will be all arranged according to the tight tour itinerary. Yes, we do have limited period of time when we travel, but if we cannot enjoy every single moment in each destination that we visit, I guess I am better not traveling then 🙂

If that kind of morning your tour itinerary has been arranged, why don’t you try something new?

That is also why I love to include Devonport and even One Tree Hill as my morning vitamin destination in my tour itinerary.  The journey was started by taking the ferry from Auckland to Devonport.  My favorite moment was when I sat on the balcony deck. Let the wind blows my hair, amazed by the blue sky and sea and feeling the moments are all mine.  It just took approximately 20 minutes to Devonport. Once I arrived in the port, I simply went to the tourist information centre to confirm my own planned itinerary. I always ask them first before I start to run my schedule to all destinations. Most of the time, I will re-plan it, because I have gotten more recommendations from them. Trust the locals!! 🙂

There are many ways to explore Devonport. I can choose to rent a bike (sounds great ^^) or Segway and even with a minivan. But at that time I chose to walk. I enjoyed my morning by having breakfast in the local café. There are many choices of vintage café, shops, and tourist attractions. I love to explore each of place by walking, maybe except for the Mount Victoria.  I guess I need a bike to take to the top of the mountain. But for you who love hiking, this is perfect!! My highlight from Devonport was my lovely breakfast in a beautiful vintage café, walking along the beach, visiting all the historical places, tasting my favorite Devonport local chocolate and absolutely capturing every single moment (selfie time ^^).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Another of my favorite morning spot will be One Tree Hill. It took me only 15 minutes from the place where I stay “Onehunga” (this is why I love this area ^^).  I guess this is also one of the most visited places in Auckland.  A peaceful feeling came into my mind and left all of my busy thoughts behind. I had my own moment to unite with nature. This is so amazing feeling!!  I went to the top part of the hill where the obelisk located. I could see the overall view of Auckland. What a beautiful day! For me, it is not just a nice place to be the background of my photo, but it is a place to sense the feeling of appreciation, gratitude, and get more inspirations on how I run my life to be better 🙂 For sure, it’s worth it to be visited.

Lastly, I just wanted to share to get those experiences within a day, I did not spend much money.  One Tree Hill is definitely free entrance. For Devonport, I just spent for my ferry ticket, meals, shopping which was less than NZD100. Mostly the entrance fees for the tourist attractions are free of charge.

Devonport & One Tree Hill for this weekend? Let’s get ready!

That’s how I have my quality time and experiences in Devonport and One Tree Hill. How about you?

Wanna explore NZ like a local, let’s get in touch!


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