Oh, Onehunga..

Something Old, Something New

To be honest, Auckland is not my preferred city to live in. Nothing against Auckland, but just like most of the migrants, try to avoid Auckland to get more points for their visa. Even, when I was in Wellington, my life puzzle has been almost completed. Well, here I am in the busiest city in New Zealand.  Starting everything from all over again, but I guess there are purposes for me to be in Auckland 🙂

I AM BLESSED. That is the statement that can describe my life in the beginning of 2017. That is how I view my life. The 1st week in Auckland, I was doubt myself that I made the right decision. Now I can see my puzzle has started to be completed one by one. I got my very first full-time job at the right time. Not only that, I was placed in an area which is likely my preference for places to stay. It is called as Onehunga.

This place has become my very first special area in Auckland.  It is not just because of the flat and the cool flatmates who I am currently living with, but I just like the overall environment. If I can choose to live, I always have a dream to stay in an area which is surrounded by both old and modern buildings as well as coffee shops. “Something Old, Something New” that is really a perfect tagline to describe this area. There are combination old and new buildings in Onehunga.  Plenty choices of coffee shops which just make my day even happier (little things that matter).  Shops, restaurants, shopping centre, sports centre, bus & train station are just within my walking distance. In my opinion, it is like a city in a city.  Moreover, there is always a street singer who will sing to cheer my day. J’adore ma petite ville!!

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“Sometimes is good for a change. Don’t be afraid to make a change in your life even if it will make you need to start it from 0. There’s always a reason for a change. A reason to make yourself as a better person.”

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