Wines with Identity

“Replace the fear of the unknown with the curiosity”. Curiosity leads my way!

My life has been shifted from being a student to a professional. Time flies! I thought I was still in Wellington, wearing my jacket, walking with the wind J  Well, I am in Auckland now. Starting my life from zero again, but I know there will be more awesome days as well as opportunities to grow for me in this vibrant city.

Anyway, after a month tried to adapt to life in Auckland, I had time to explore a new destination. I had a chance to visit a boutique winery which is just 10mins drive from my workplace. It’s called as Villa Maria Winery. After my visit, I am just wondering why this place is rare to be included in the tour package. For me personally, I would definitely recommend this magnificent winery to everyone who visits Auckland for long or short term period. It is located in a strategic area which is close to the Auckland Airport and also equipped with a fabulous café.


I am not a wine addict, but since I am currently living in New Zealand which is famous for its wine, I think this place is one of the must-visit destinations then. The whole experiences were started from the moment I entered the front gate. I was welcomed by the breathtaking vineyard. It was led me to the main building for the wine tour and wine tasting. Unfortunately, I missed the first tour session. But a friendly and helpful staff offered me to do the wine tasting while waiting for the second tour session.

If I can rate my wine tasting and wine tour from 1 -10, I put 10 for both experiences.  It was just beyond my expectation.  The staffs are really informative and friendly. I got a chance to try all different variant of Villa Maria Wines.  So far my favorite will be Ngakirikiri (one of the best seller), Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot.  I didn’t just try all of the wines, but at the same time, I expand my knowledge about wine and the success story of Villa Maria. Now I can say that wine isn’t just an alcohol drink. I think it is a unique drink by seeing the process of making it till become the wine with the right taste.

After the wine tasting, I explored other spots, the café, wine cellar and absolutely its vineyard. At 2pm I and other tourists from different countries were guided to take a closer look on how the wine has been processed in Villa Maria Winery. The factory is really cool!! It was really interesting to see each process that was taken to make the raw grapes to be drinkable wines.

In general, I really recommend for anyone who visits Auckland to spend a time in this awesome winery. Treat yourself with something nice in the café and don’t forget to experience the wine tasting and wine tour for only NZD 5 / each. It is also worth to buy the wines to take them home with you because I believe it’s going to cheaper rather than you buy in the supermarket.

For those who are in Indonesia, if you would love to try their wines, don’t worry you are still able to do it even though you are not in New Zealand.  Villa Maria has distributed its wines to many countries in all over the world and Indonesia is one of them. YEAYY!! Just simply contact me through email / message me through FB messenger for further details.


  • Breathtaking Vineyard
  • Lovely Café
  • Attractive Wine Tour
  • Informative Wine Tasting
  • Perfect venue for special function, wedding, pre-wedding, birthday party, etc
  • Absolutely authentic taste of Villa Maria WINES

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