Now It’s My Comfort Traveling Style

When I travel, I always put myself as the same as the locals. I really want to get the complete voice, not just the echo. That’s why I always set in mind to “Travel with A Purpose”. The purpose of learning/explores and experiences the differences between my home country, Indonesia and the places which I have visited. Most of the time, it takes me out of my comfort zone, but that is the interesting part of my journey.  It keeps me growing and learning to become a better person. In my perspective, travel is not just a trend that I should follow. It is more a way to express myself, get more life inspirations, meet new friends, and life changing experience.

I just would like to share one my life changing experience in Wellington. To be honest, if I just follow the tour programme for the places of interest in Wellington, I will definitely be bored and not feeling want to come back for next time. I am not saying that the tour programme is bad, but well it just does not fulfill my curiosity. Even though I love to explore, but I do like to travel in comfort. I mean with “travel in comfort” is I like to get in / get off the car/taxi/tour bus. I do not like spend time on the road and get sweating that much. I get used to that kind of traveling style till I visit New Zealand, especially Wellington where I am currently living now.

As I ever mentioned in the previous blog, Wellington is a small city and chic. I have observed how most of the people travel around Wellington. The most convenient must be with own car, but you also need to remember that it is difficult to find a car park and expensive. It is not like in Indonesia where we can park our cars anywhere and it is so cheap. There are 3 main ways that I love to recommend for all of you who want to travel around Wellington which is by public bus, train and on foot. At first, I just thought it is impossible for me to love those three ways of getting around Wellington, but now I can say that is my “travel in comfort” style. I like it because it allows me to explore and see more. It is cheap and flexible.

By Bus 

Back in my home country, this is one of the public transport which I try to avoid it 🙂 Now in Wellington it’s my daily transportation. The bus in here is comfortable, clean, and safe. It’s easy to be familiar with the routes and numbers. One thing that I like the most by taking the bus is to say THANK YOU to the bus driver. I believe it is a simple word which means a lot to the bus drivers. I just realise that it does really matter to appreciate little things in my life.


By Train

I never try to take the train in my home country. I guess it was only once I took the train during my high school camp activity. It’s convenient to travel by train in Wellington. It is even more exciting if you take the train for the long trip.


On Foot

I can say I am a person who does not like to walk too far. I love wearing heels which are also my daily essential. At the beginning month of my study in Wellington, I thought I would not survive here. I need to wear flat/sport shoes everyday. Now, I get used to it and love my walking moments. The things that I love from walking around Wellington are the wind (not that strong wind though) which blows my mind. It seems I get my fresh air and more inspirations. Most of the time, I will have the chance to meet and talk with the strangers 🙂 The smell of coffee and the talented street artists will just make my day. Last but not leats, the magnificent views which you can’t really get it if you do not walk around 🙂


Let the world constantly inspires me and you to be a better human being 🙂 Let’s travel with a purpose, create your own stories, and go out from your comfort zone!!

Note: For further details, let’s get connect! 🙂


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